Frequently Asked Questions

You can use your Telenor number or Credit Card to subscribe to LearnOSTEAM, after creating your free account by signing up.

There are no extra charges, only the subscription charges.

We keep adding new activities to the LearnOSTEAM, so as long as you have your account, you will keep getting new activities!.

If you unsubscribe, you can still access the activities that you have paid for. Your account will still work. Only the new activities that are released will not be accessible, until you subscribe again.

New activities are released regularly within levels. You can click on levels to find existing and new activities.

You can click on your profile menu on top-right corner of your screen and click on Account Settings to unsubscribe.

If you have already paid for the current week, you will only be charged after your current week is finished.

You can go to sign-in screen and click on forgot password. If you’ve entered your email address you will be sent a password reset link on your email address. If you still have trouble signing in, you can contact our Support WhatsApp number listed below in contacts.